Old Project Done!

I started working on this project three years ago. I haven't worked on it since because I did not need its functionality. Originally this software was used to fetch mouse data on a game to assist in making an auto bot that farmed the game.

When looking through my stuff recently, I found this and thought of making it into a nice app with a gui for the average user. The app was just a tooltip that was always on when the app luanches and it had only the needed values. To make it nicer, I added a clean and simple gui (graphical user interface). Also I added extra information to be displayed so the app can be used for web and graphics design rather than just getting the mouse position for a game.

It is written using AutoIt 3 scripting language. The software is able to capture mouse position and the color at that position. The software has many features including:

  • Live preview of values

  • Color info is displayed and stored in many forms: RGB (red green blue) HEX (hexadecimal) HSL (hue, saturation, and lightness) and HSL percentages.

  • Overlay mode for directX applications (games)

  • Store values to a txt file

  • Load values from the txt file

  • Stop capturing hotkey (for ingame use)

To download click here.

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