Other Samples

Mouse Picker

It is a software written using AutoIt 3 scripting language. The software is able to capture mouse position and the color at that position. The software has many features including:

  • Live preview of values

  • Color info is displayed and stored in many forms: RGB (red green blue) HEX (hexadecimal) HSL (hue, saturation, and lightness) and HSL percentages.

  • Overlay mode for directX applications (games)

  • Store values to a txt file

  • Load values from the txt file

  • Stop capturing hotkey (for ingame use)

To download click here.


This is the CHES brochure that I made to view the full brochure click here.

Letter Head

This is the CHES letter head that I made to view the full letter head click here.

QR Codes

This is the QR code for my website.

This is the QR code for California Health Escort Services.

This is the QR code for Brian Allen Carpet Cleaning.

Note: I can make QR codes for text, phone numbers, youtube videos, google maps, twitter, facebook, email address and many other things. The QR codes come in different colors and backgrounds and all are customizable as desired.

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