These are just a very few samples of the websites that I done. I am able to make an online stores, forums, gallerys and many other types of websites


California Health Escort Service

This website was my return to html after a long time of using flash and action script 3.

CHES is a company that provides many service for international patients who are coming to California for treatment.

CHES has partnerships with the best hospitals and medical centers in California. CHES dose not only takes care of the patient's health but also takes care of the patient and his/her companions. CHES makes sure that the patient has an assistan with him/her all the time to translate. For more details visit there website Here.

SDSU's MechaTronics Club

The Club is a combination of MECHAnical and elecTRONICS. Making it the perfect club to join if you like technology.

Brian Allen Carpet Cleaning

For all of your floor and carpet cleaning needs, choose Brian Allen Carpet Cleaning.

Washington Dentistry

Washington Dentistry provides its patients with the best treatment and customer service.

Dr. Alaa Kana

Dr. Alaa Kana one of great minds of Iraq. He is a Hotel manager and a writer.

Mr Kannah

This is my old flash website. This website is no longer up to date. Its just an exmaple of my skills.


This is a project that utilizes forum's basic features to create something similar to craigslist. I stoped working on the project but it is semi-functional. Feel free to mess around with it.


This website is made for the Chaldean American Student Union club at San Diego State University.

Women Rights

This website was an assignment for my english class.

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